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Human Papillomavirus and Women’s Health


Human papillomavirus infection is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by HPV. Its symptoms are warts in the genital and mucosal area. While it typically affects the population with multiple sex partners, women may have different manifestations of having HPV. Women’s health in Florida linked with HPV infections is always a concern. According to the Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County, about 17,500 women in Florida develop cancer caused by HPV every year.

As an STD clinic in Homestead, Florida, the prevention of HPV among women is something we also focus on and prioritize. While the chances of developing cervical cancer caused by HPV are rare, it is still not impossible.

Sexual health in women is something that should be looked at and given awareness especially HPV-related cancers. Necessary preventive and routine measures need to be done to monitor their health.

It is necessary to get tested regularly to keep track of your HPV status. You may also request a pap smear test from your doctor to keep track of your cervical health. Also, discuss with your partner about getting tested for HPV as a part of prevention. Thankfully, our lab tests can cater to your lab requests with HPV.

If you are HPV positive, it’s best to contact our physicians to keep track of your health and discuss treatments for warts and other HPV problems. Thankfully, Mani Specialty Center provides telehealth services for those who want consultation virtually. For more information about our services, you may contact us.

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