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Know More About the Most Common STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs affect more than 110 million people in the United States. And while the numbers are high, they can even be higher because not a lot of people opt to get tested. This is because a lot of STDs do not show symptoms so, they unknowingly spread to other people.

Being a provider of STD treatment in Florida, let us share the 3 most common STDs:

  1. Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
    This is the most common sexually transmitted disease affecting almost 80 million people in the United States, of which 14 million are teens. HPV has generally no symptoms but some people have reported experiencing warts in the mouth, throat, and genitals.
  2. Chlamydia
    With antibiotics, this bacterial infection can be cured. However, if left untreated, it can cause serious health issues in women such as pelvic inflammatory disease. Not everyone has symptoms but in some, they may experience rectal and abdominal pain, pain during sex and urination, and abnormal genital discharge.
  3. Gonorrhea
    Like chlamydia, this STD is a bacterial infection that can be cured with antibiotics. Untreated gonorrhea can increase your risk of HIV. The most common symptoms in men are swollen testicles and in women bleeding between periods.

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