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Women’s Health: Having STD During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the start of motherhood. Expecting mothers alter their diet, exercise, and plan to keep the baby in the womb healthy after a positive result in their pregnancy testing. Speaking of keeping the baby healthy, mothers often request laboratory tests to check if their babies have any defects during the early trimesters of the pregnancy.

Checking for defects is a great routine for expecting mothers. However, they often disregard lab tests that screen for STDs. According to the CDC, STDs can affect babies before and after birth.

As a provider of STD testing in Homestead, Florida, allow us to discuss common STDs and how they affect babies before and after birth.

  • HIV
    HIV-positive pregnant mothers infect their babies during or before birth. Before birth, the virus penetrates the placenta and affects the fetus. During labor, babies can get infected with their mother’s blood.
  • Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis
    Untreated gonorrhea infection causes miscarriage or premature birth. It can also affect the babies as they pass through the birth canal, leaving them with eye infections. Untreated chlamydia causes preterm labor and also eye and lung infections. Untreated syphilis infection leads to fatal death, miscarriage, or after-birth death of the baby.

So, what should an expecting mother Do?

The best way to avoid fetal complications is to consult your personal or our doctors. Doctors will create a treatment plan and prescribe an STD treatment for your untreated sexually transmitted infections.

We at Mani Specialty Center are ready to provide health services for women especially expecting mothers. Women’s health in Florida matters as health complications arise with untreated sexually transmitted infections. For more information about our health services, call us.

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